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Concrete Floor Replacement

During 2005 3C Drawing Services began work on a domestic property where the concrete ground floor had been severely distorted due to a sulphate attack. Sulphates within the hardcore below the existing slab had reacted with the concrete causing heave, denoted by severe cracking in the floor slab.

Initially core tests were taken to determine the level of sulphates and reports analysed to determine the cause of action. After structural reports had been drawn up the process of removal and reinstatement of the slab began. Click on the image to see more.

House Renovation

As part of the floor reinstatement 3C Drawing Services has undertaken major renovation works on this property to modernise the interiors and reinstate areas on the ground floor that had to be removed in order to replace the concrete floor.

House Extensions

An extensive knowledge of the building industry has allowed us to carry out additional projects one of which was a home extension to a property in Tamworth. Click the image to view the pdf.

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