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3C Drawing Services Limited can provide full structural measured and levelled surveys of both new and existing buildings.

Using the very latest in laser technology for measuring and levelling the existing layout for Selfridges Birmingham (part shown here) was surveyed and drawn up in order to produce a final GA. Here it was necessary to project gridlines onto the floor and offset at set intervals to achieve the final shape for the drawing preparation.

As well as detailed structural surveys 3C Drawing Services have continually been called upon to provide component and unitry surveys in the retail, public sector and private residence areas. From simplistic surveys to the most complex we can meet you requirements.

Full Photographic records are made during surveys for future reference. Acting as a reminder in complicated areas and helping to increase the accuracy of final plotted layouts.

Where progress information is required these can prove an invaluable resource for clients.

Final Layouts

Once final surveys are plotted fully dimensioned general arrangement plans can be drawn up together with coordinated electrical and ceiling layouts and floor plans. Giving an accurate representation of the final contract.

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